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Terna Prize 04
2012 - Theme: In and Out of Place. No Networking. The Territory for Art

The theme invites a reflection on the concept of Territory and Territoriality intended as a relationship with places and physical spaces, but also as an introspective dimension, a sense of belonging, of inclusion or exclusion, of an opening in relations with others, or of limitations. The territory becomes a place that hosts creativity becoming itself a creativity driver. The artist has the freedom to build “the territory for art” and / or imagine “art for the territory.

Megawatt Category
BABEL, 2012.
Print on Dibond. Dimensions cm 270 x 180.
Artwork in catalog.
Babel è una visione ideografica, strutturata come una mappa mentale, che mostra la rappresentazione di tutto il processo creativo del progetto “Viaggiare Sicuri”, dalle prime fasi fino a quella finale.
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