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Real / Virtual
Solo Show
Curated by Adriana Polveroni
2011 November 4-6
Torino. Artissima 18 Side Event
The exhibition featured a double route meant to be experienced simultaneously in the real life and in the virtuality on internet as a computer experience. The real show took place inside an apartment in the historical center of Turin, in via G. F. Bellezia 14. The virtual exhibition, however, could be visited at during the same days. The entire project is designed in a dual manner. The two places are mirror environments placed in dialogue with each other. Both shows have a threshold to cross. The boundary, as allegory, between an inner and an outer dimension characterizes all the works.
La mostra presentava una doppia esperienza espositiva pensata per essere vissuta contemporaneamente sia nella realtà sia nel mondo virtuale della rete come un computer game. La mostra reale si svolgeva all’interno di un appartamento nel centro storico di Torino, in via G. F. Bellezia 14. La mostra virtuale, invece, si poteva visitare all’indirizzo durante gli stessi giorni. Tutto il progetto espositivo è stato pensato in maniera duale. I due ambienti erano luoghi speculari in dialogo tra loro. Entrambe le mostre avevano una soglia da varcare; il confine, come allegoria tra una dimensione interna ed una esterna, caratterizzava tutte le opere in mostra.

Real exhibition


Virtual exhibition

Real Exhibition.
Via Gian Francesco Bellezia, 14. 10122 Torino.

Palazzo San Liborio. Scala A, Interno 11. (Entry phone: ERIC).

2011 November 4/6
Eric - Real exhibition
Virtual Exhibition.

Special edition website

2011 November 4/6
Who is Eric?
text by Adriana Polveroni
Who is Eric? He wears a mask, but maybe it is his face. As in some African rituals, who wears a mask takes on its identity while the spirit takes hold of the person. But Eric is not a person. Even though its image is preserved in a narcissistic game which involves tapestries and paintings of exquisite craft and is trapped in a closed-circuit camera. He who has lived, if anything he had, the apartment in Via Bellezia 14 in Turin, has left chilling simulacra, chromium-free, only blacks and whites. Remains of a presence but also of an apparition. Traces of an evoked life, not lived. Seven black leather briefcases hermetically closed, there is something in or are they mockingly empty? A pair of suspenders, trousers, and that strange metallic mask where the eyes, nose and mouth are drawn with primitive traits, too accentuated. As if to mark a presence that is probably just a fiction. Or a totem, as it appears when the implants are fitted together. Or, maybe, someone has worn Eric’s clothes and has embodied his obsessions. We see them in a video, where it also acts, as a sort of alter ego, a neurotic doll with geometric traits. Annoyingly naive, how basically is the protagonist. Perhaps, more than basic, a primitive kind of archetype of the conflicts which grab our soul. However, we never enter in contact with Eric, because his whole life unfolds between reality and unreality, as it is often the life that one would want living. Anchored to something that exists and that, in his alleged concrete, refers to something that is not there. A necessary ghost.
So Eric lives in a house, with an address, a name on the intercom, a door which opens into environments where that strange form of life, claustrophilic rather than claustrophobic, is deposited. Who is in cannot, or will not, leave it and he is satisfied of his own image, indulging in that domestic, high tech wrapping that he has built around him. But Eric also inhabits the network, one can find him at a specific address, as the one in Turin, but without a house number or the name of a city at the end. It begins with certain letters of the alphabet and ends with an abbreviation:
Does it matter at this point that Eric really exists or not? He exists because he represents the suspended and shaken nowadays world, where with fatigue one escapes from the anonymity that the technology gives us. Where narcissism is fused with solipsism. Where the journey is imaginary, but perhaps real. Where the horizontality of the network allows an access to everything without having to explore the depth. Eric has been built by an artist, Gregorio Samsa. He, too, of uncertain identity. He does not want to tell us who he is and does not even want to talk much about Eric. He will be discovered by the people who want to meet him. As it always happens in art, but this time taking his game to the end, crossing the door of the house in Turin and the artificial one on the web.
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